High 5, with Lilly Hiatt

East Nashville firebrand Lilly Hiatt describes her music as the majesty of melancholy, accepting the sadder aspects of life and finding some peace in them.

Her father is the famously eclectic singer-songwriter John Hiatt, whose tunes have been covered by Emmylou Harris, Nick Lowe, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, among others. Lilly being herself means playing songs that are sharply witty, brutally frank and musically adventurous. And mostly she’d rather rock than mope.

Her second album, Royal Blue, has just been released, and you can catch Lilly live when she plays Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms alongside Hannah Aldridge in what’s one of just three Scottish dates in a four-week European tour (ticket details below).

AAA caught up with Lilly for a quick chat ahead of her visit to the Capital on Tuesday, 21 June.

number1 Favourite Film


I think my all time favourite movie would be Waiting For Guffman. It’s a movie by Christopher Guest where they are putting on a musical about the town of Blaine, MO. Absolutely hilarious. Spinal Tap is a close second.

number2Favourite Single


Well, that is a tough call, but one I never tire of is Neil Young’s Heart Of Gold. It’s lyrically timeless and melodically unique. I love most things Neil Young has done.

number3Favourite Album


Another difficult question! How to pick one favourite? Hmm, I don’t know if that’s possible, but one of my favourites is Pearl Jam’s No Code. I remember being in the back of a truck during a rafting trip in Oregon around 14 years old and playing that record over and over. I was so enchanted by Eddie Vedder then, and still am to this day.

number4Favourite Gig


There have been many magical gig moments, but one of my favourites was playing the Troubadour in Los Angeles.  I was there opening for my friend John Moreland, and it was a really fun and vibrant evening. It’s an “if these walls could talk” kind of place and just imagining the other greats who had played on that stage gave me chills. Plus, I just love Los Angeles.

number5Favourite Book


It unfolds in the same way life does, and is beautifully written. It also has a good blend of humour and heartbreak, which I thoroughly appreciate. Highly recommend it.

Hannah Aldridge and Lilly Hiatt, Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street. Tuesday, 21 June, 8pm, £10, 0131-556 7060