Interview: Ed Cares, Childcare

London quartet Childcare bring the Sabi Tour to Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on Saturday, 30 November – and AAA caught up with Ed Cares from the band for a chat ahead of the gig.

As part of the group’s Get Well Soon wellness campaign, attendees can expect a mixture of “mindful eating, yogic breathing and mass meditation” alongside the band’s usual brand of leftfield softcore-psych.

The Sabi Tour will also offer participants lavender scratch’n’sniff vinyl, personalised bath bombs, handmade scented candles and sleepwell audio meditations.

Your first ever show as a band was at Reading & Leeds Festivals in 2016 – that must of been a baptism of fire… how did they come about?

They were through BBC Introducing. They’d taken an interest in London and fed back to Radio 1, so they picked us to headline their stages. It was a really fun weekend. I stomped around in a pair of short shorts and no top with stencils on my body – and we were OK! 

Your debut album, Wabi-sabi, came out at the end of May – is it good to finally have it out and what’s the reaction been like?

Yeah, it’s cool to have it out – some of the songs are three or four years old and we’ve been through so many songs that it was getting a bit silly that we hadn’t put one out. It’s a decent collection of songs and the reaction has been warm – we’ve been getting lots of Radio 1 play and Spotify support and fans are happy to hear some new music. It was very enjoyable to put it all together and think about interludes, introductions and segways… turn it into a whole body of work as opposed to a collection of ten songs. That’s what we’re really interested in.

How would you describe the sound of the band?

We’re a normal band set up and we’d be put in the indie camp – but we’re much more original than most “indie” bands. Most of our tunes have half-time, hip-hop tempos – the melodies are inspired by R&B and we’ve got loads of harmonies… my days as a choirboy bearing fruit, probably. We never get compared to any bands in particular and people never quite know how to describe us – which is exactly what we’re after. I don’t want to be in a group whose music makes you instantly think of another.

Can you tell us more about the Wellness element of your live show – what exactly is it and why are you doing it?

Well, our normal shows are great anyway – my hip movement has been coming on leaps and bounds and guitarist Rich’s hair is really looking good at the moment. But for this tour, we’re adding an extra ‘wellness’ element to complement the album’s wellness campaign. We’ve been running Personal Glory™ events where we hire out a yoga studio and take fans through our own version of yoga and mindfulness – so we’re bringing a bit of this to the live shows. Expect yogic breathing, mindful eating and a space to find Personal Glory.
Wabi-sabi is Japanese for an acceptance of imperfection – is this a term that you feel fits with the band’s outlook?

I suppose, with regards to recording our music, we certainly have a sound which isn’t overly polished and produced – it’s honest. But more broadly, we felt like the term – which as well as sounding great – encapsulated what the album is all about… self improvement, growth and acceptance.

After the tour, what else have you got planned?

We’ll be bringing our Personal Glory™ to more cities around the UK, Europe and the US – and recording the best second album we’ve ever recorded.

Childcare, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowgate, Saturday 30 November, doors 7pm, £9, 0131-225 1757

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