Interview: Georgie (Blossoms tour support)

Having gone down an absolute storm supporting Jake Bugg earlier this year, Mansfield-born singer Georgie is continuing to win over new fans on tour with indie darlings Blossoms.

The talented 21-year-old is signed to the mighty Colombia Records, and anyone heading to see Blossoms at Potterrow on Monday, 5 December is advised to get there early to catch her set.

Georgie already has a Glastonbury appearance under her belt, and the BBC are among those who have marked her out as one to watch.

Her debut single, Company Of Thieves, is out now (listen below).

AAA caught up with Georgie ahead of her first appearance in the Scottish capital.

You’re heading out on tour with Blossoms – are you excited about it?
Yeah, very. It should be great fun. Some wicked venues and Blossoms and INHEAVEN are great!

Are you a Blossoms fan?
Yeah, that album is brilliant, and it’s great to be doing this tour with them.

Is it hard to win over a crowd who, essentially, are there to see someone else?
I don’t really think it is to be honest. I’m in such a zone with my music and I’m there to do my thing. People will like it or they won’t, but yeah, so far so good.

You’re playing in Edinburgh – have you been to the city before?
I was there for a few hours to get a train after I did a tour in the Highlands. I saw the lights of the Christmas market and it looked amazing. So yeah, I’m very excited to be playing there.

What can we expect from your set at the Queen’s Hal.
Hopefully some good tunes and a fun time so that everyone’s warmed up for Blossoms.

What’s the music scene like in Mansfield?
Unfortunately, a lot of venues closed down there. I played a few pubs there and that got me on my feet, but then I journeyed to Nottingham and got onto that circuit.

You spent a long time gigging as a teenager – was music something you always wanted to do?
Yeah, I gave all those teenage years to my music, so I had to make it work out! But I love it and it’s something I’ll always want to do. You have to be passionate about it. Same with anything in life that you want to pursue.

At what point did you realise you were good enough to make this your career?
I always knew from the day I picked up a guitar that I wanted to make it a career and that anything was possible.

What were your influence when writing Company of Thieves?
A few things, really. I think we’ve all been in that position where we’ve been lied to by people who we care about. But the lyric is also very personal to me and descriptive of events.

You’ve had a great year so far – what are some of the highlights?
So many highlights. Glastonbury, going to Virginia to record, Singapore, the Jake Bugg tour… Yeah, it’s been a good year!

What plans do you have for 2017 music-wise?
More tours, more songs, and finishing the album.

Blossoms, with Georgie and INHEAVEN, Potterrow, Bristo Square, Monday, 5 December, £14, 0131-650 4673



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