Interview: Nina Nesbitt

The last two years have been unusually quiet for Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. After bursting onto the music scene when she was just 17-years-old, the starlet decided to take some time out to develop her sound and rediscover her love of music.

Ahead of its release tomorrow, AAA’s Amy Anderson caught up with Nina about her new EP, Modern Love…

Hi Nina. Your new EP, Modern Love, comes out tomorrow (Feb 5). Why did you decide to release an EP instead of a single?

“I wanted to put out a single to introduce my new sound in the run-up to the release of my new album.  I feel like my sound has really evolved and I felt that an EP would show that better than a single would. It’s basically a snippet of what’s to come from the album.

“Modern Love is about all the different things I’ve experienced whilst living in London. The songs are all quite love-related and are about the new way this generation sees relationships.”

Was it conscious decision to introduce a ‘new sound’?

“I just wasn’t feeling inspired by anything I was doing after the last album. The music I was making wasn’t the music I was listening to or the music that I loved. I wanted to make music that I would like so I experimented with electronic sounds and came to realise that I love pop music. Everyone secretly loves it – I don’t care if it’s ‘cringey’.

“I had a lot of fun writing and recording Modern Love – there was no pressure or expectation so I just got to do whatever I wanted to.”

Can you tell us about the recording process?

“Chewing Gum and Take You To Heaven were both recorded in London but Masquerade was recorded in my own studio, which makes it my first ever production release. I’m really excited to hear what people think of it!”

Where did the inspiration for Modern Love come from?

“I liked listening to a lot of older artists like Kim Wilde and I also love The 1975’s music. I think Taylor Swift’s transition into pop has been great. There’s endless lists of bands and artists that I’m inspired by.”

How are you feeling about touring again?

“I’m so excited as I’ve not done a proper headline show with all the bands for about two years. I’m not going to have my guitar on me the whole time, so I think I’ll be putting on a bit more of a performance.”

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about this year?

“Hopefully, I’m going to start recording the album soon and I’d love to play some festivals this summer. I’m excited to finish the album and get my new music out there.”