Interview: Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood (Bay City Rollers)

It may have been bye, bye baby when 70s sensations the Bay City Rollers split up for the umpteenth time following last year’s festive shows – but for fans of guitarist Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood, the show rolls on.

Edinburgh-born Woody has just released excellent new solo album Sky Light, and will be performing in Glasgow next month with his new band, The Roller Coasters.

Performing at Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday 6 July, Woody and co will be performing a selection of songs from Sky Light as well as bringing their acoustic take on the Rollers’ classic hits.

The Rollers became one of the most successful pop groups of all time after they burst upon the scene in the early 1970s, selling an estimated 70 million records.

They enjoyed a string of No.1 hit singles and albums all over the world, including Bye Bye Baby, Shang-A-Lang, Keep On Dancing and Summerlove Sensation.

When the reformed Rollers (Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Wood) split late last year, Woody said they would only return to the stage if they are joined by the other two members, Eric Faulkner and Derek Longmuir, from their most famous line-up.

“If they could get the five of us together that would be something special,” he said. “It’s been nice the three of us but it just doesn’t feel quite right to continue as the Bay City Rollers.”

It remains to be seen if that will ever happen, but regardless, Woody is back with a new album. At his Glasgow gig, the guitarist will unveil a treasure chest of Rollers memorabilia from his own personal collection, including his famous platform ‘W’ shoes, various original outfits, and other nostalgic pieces.

Tickets cost £12 for general admission or £40 for the VIP Package and meet and greet with Woody himself.

To get your hands on a copy of Sky Light, visit Woody’s official website, HERE.

Ahead of his eagerly-anticipated live return, AAA caught up with Woody for a chat about what he loves most about his hometown.

  • What’s your most memorable Capital event?

Most memorable event for me was when they built the Commonwealth Village, and more importantly, the Commonwealth Swimming Pool (the Commy pool)… I was into swimming and diving a lot as a youngster, and this place sounded amazing, especially the diving pool!

  • Who would you choose to headline Edinburgh’s Hogmanay?

The Rolling Stones would be something… I just respect the fact they’ve kept together for so long and are still doing it for all the right reasons.

  • Favourite old-fashioned boozer?

I don’t have one in particular… I like a pub that has the old features, no loud music blasting as I like a good blether and no TVs (unless a very special sporting event).

  • Favourite style-bar?

As above, though dog friendly is always good – even if it’s just a section, as not everyone wants dogs or bairns running about.

  • Favourite restaurant?

I don’t have a favourite as such as we’re spoiled for choice in Edinburgh  – and to be honest, my wife Denise is my favourite meal maker.

  • Do you love or loathe the Festival?

Mixed feelings on that. I love the fact the town is full of amazing entertainment and brings lots of fun and energy, but hate the traffic.

  • Favourite art gallery?

I always liked the Scottish National Gallery at The Mound, mainly because I found a scabby pound note on the steps when I was about 10 years old. I still have a wee look!

  • Favourite cinema?

Definitely the Dominion… big comfy seats and buttered popcorn!

  • Favourite live music venue?

I really enjoyed playing the Usher Hall and have enjoyed many live events there… it’s also quite an impressive building.

  • Favourite walk in or around the city?

I’m a hill person, though it’s also nice to walk round the old town. I grew up in the Marchmont area and, as a kid, used to visit The Castle or climb up Arthur’s Seat.

  • Favourite shopping area?

I hate shopping, so don’t have one – thank goodness for on-line!

  • Best piece of Edinburgh architecture?

I don’t have a favourite piece as such, as we have so many amazing things to see in Edinburgh. The new bridge crossing is looking pretty impressive though!

  • What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the city:

As a kid, Edinburgh always had a town feel about it. Even as a teenager, I could be in the centre and bump into someone I knew. These days, it feels more city-like and has lost some of that… still a great city and I’m very proud of it.

  • Favourite Festival?

Has to be the Edinburgh Festival, though, as mentioned above, driving about in town can be a nightmare.

  • Favourite Edinburgh band ever?

There are loads of great bands…I can’t really decide on one

  • Favourite local hero?

That’s a tough question! Heroes come in all guises… all emergency services for a start and those that help others… and then there’s all our sporting heroes.

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