Kettle of Kites to visit Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s during Independent Venue Week

Making a rare live appearance in support of Independent Venue Week, Kettle of Kites will be bringing the sci-fi inspired, cinematic alt-rock of their recent album Arrows to Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh next week.

The band fronted by ex-Admiral Fallow man Tom Stearn have unveiled a new re-work of Supernova, courtesy of London based producer Pour Atom Oil.

Following a meeting of minds at a recent London show together, the two artists have collaborated on the pulsating, glitch-tronica indebted remix you can hear below.

Supernova was released earlier in 2019 as the single to be taken from Kettle of Kites’ latest album Arrows.

Reworked with a scatter-gun electronic approach reminiscent of the creations of Fourtet or Thom Yorke, the harmonic structure of the original song is turned inside-out to create a dark, hypnotic, and rhythmically driven remix. The photo paired with it, is another from the stunning series which accompanies Arrows, taken by Carlotta Cardana.

The original of Supernova is a complex composition that sees the band utilize organic and electronic instrumentation, with its hypnotic rhythms and twitching percussion providing a playground of sound for any producer to work with.

Preserving the track’s thought provoking lyrics, the song is based on one of the many imaginative stories by iconic science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. With artists from Kraftwerk to Kate Bush having written songs musing on the potential for love between man and machine, Kettle of Kites carry the torch on with the lyrics of Supernova.

As frontman Stearn explains: “Supernova is in fact a love story between a robot and a human, but it’s not clear which is the human and which is the robot.

“It’s a reflection on what love really is, how it affects us and where the line is between the realities and fictions we tell ourselves, between ‘programmed’ feelings and the inexplicable reasons we love something or someone.”

Kettle of Kites, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowgate, Monday, 27 January,

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