The Killers working on new album

Las Vegas indie rockers The Killers have returned to the studio to start recording their fifth album.

The Mr Brightside hitmakers, whose last album was 2012’s Battle Born, started the sessions on Friday (September 9) in their hometown.

“We’ll see what happens,” drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. told DIY. “We’ve been working with different people and seeing how it feels, and we’re starting to work with another person now. I don’t know if we wanna reveal who that is.”

Vannucci Jr. went on to say that he expects the sessions to be “surprising” because “when we get in [the studio] we come at it from one direction, and then it’ll go another direction”.

He also played down recent rumours about the band working with Sir Elton John, saying, “I think that’s what they are – just rumours. “I think that came from his radio show.

“First of all it would be great to work with Elton John,” he continued. “But we haven’t done anything beside the Christmas song [‘Joseph, Better You Than Me’] with him.

“That would be awesome to work with him, especially in a songwriting capacity… that dude is no joke when it comes to writing songs. That would be fun, but that is just a rumour. A nice rumour, I suppose!”

The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers told Q magazine recently that he no longer enjoys listening to the band’s hit-packed debut, Hot Fuss, because there’s too much about the album he would now change.

“I hear the songs on the radio and I quickly turn over the stations, it’s an instinct,” said the 35-year-old singer. “It’s not uncommon for people to hear things about their voice they don’t like, or the recordings.

“Everybody wishes they could go back and re-do things. But I acknowledge there was some magic captured,” he added.

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