Les McKeown to attend hit Bay City Rollers Fringe show

Bay City Rollers fans attending hit Fringe play I Ran With The Gang are in for a rare treat tonight with the news that Les McKeown, legendary frontman of the 70s sensations, is jetting in to Edinburgh to support bandmate Alan Longmuir.

McKeown will be promoting his just-released new solo album, The Lost Songs. The 60-year-old last appeared at the show back in 2014 when he surprised the audience by getting up on stage with the cast and joining in on a few numbers.

ales (1)I Ran With The Gang captures the nostalgia of a period in musical history that will forever be known as the time of  ‘Rollermania’.

The show, written by award-winning playwright Liam Rudden (Thief, Silence In Court, Conflict In Court), is a celebration of those heady days of hit songs like Shang-A-Lang, Saturday Night and Bye Bye Baby, hectic touring schedules, Top of the Pops appearances and the behind-the-scenes pandemonium that followed the Edinburgh band everywhere they went in the 70s.

At its core, the play reveals the story of Longmuir, the original Roller, and tells of his rise from working as a plumber to being a heartthrob to millions. But this fun, fast-paced production also features a set of the Rollers’ biggest hits, and ends with a Q&A session with Longmuir himself.

You can read AAA’s five-star review of I Ran With The Gang by clicking HERE

The Bay City Rollers were, of course, one of the biggest bands on the planet for a short but fervent period in the 1970s – and charismatic frontman McKeown was one of the most famous people on earth. He was also a gifted songwriter.

Despite this, he was rarely given the chance to shine, as songwriters outside the band composed many of the Bay City Rollers songs.

McKeown would sit in hotel rooms around the world and compose songs into his trusty tape recorder in the hope they’d be unleashed on the next Rollers album.

History tells us this was not to happen, as the band famously split at the height of their success.

Forty years on, those songs can now be heard for the very first time on Les McKeown… The Lost Songs.

“I kept the tapes in a suitcase in my attic and never thought they’d see the light of day,” says 60-year-old McKeown. “I’m ecstatic that they have now been turned into this great record and proud to finally be able to perform them for my fans.”

McKeown has teamed up with multi-million-selling, award-winning writer/producer John McLaughlin.

The pair met and it wasn’t long before McKeown was playing the original tapes from the 70s to McLaughlin in his studio.

The producer was blown away by what he heard and the pair started creating this killer new album.

ranI Ran With The Gang, Le Monde, George Street, until 28 August, Sunday-Friday 7pm (not Saturdays), £15, 0131-226 0000, www.lrstageworks or www.edfringe.com

Les McKeown…The Lost Songs is available now on iTunes.





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