Les McKeown leaves door open for Woody’s Rollers return

Saturday’s backstage fall out at T in the Park may have led to one tabloid dubbing them the ‘Bay Splitty Brawlers’, but lead singer Les McKeown has left the door open for Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood to return to the Bay City Rollers – if he can keep his gobby wife under control.

As reported on AAA, Wood quit the Seventies sensations at Scotland’s biggest music festival last weekend after wife Denise launched a stinging social media attack on bandmate Alan Longmuir’s guitar playing – and this led to a backstage brawl between her and Alan’s wife Eileen.

But now, McKeown has offered an olive branch to Woody, saying, “I am really sad about Woody’s decision, although I wonder if it’s him who’s made it?

“He says I’ve blown his chance of making a million but if we had all stuck together we would have made much more than that — £20million each. If Woody wants to come back then the door is still wide open – but he has to keep the wife away.”

Wood has claimed that it was McKeown’s ‘greed’ that forced him to quit the Edinburgh band for a second time.

“When we got back together, Les agreed he would dedicate one year to us as a band,” he said. “I was very optimistic — but it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour.

“Fans were under the impression that Les’ shows were Bay City Rollers gigs. I was getting messages from fans pissed off with me for not turning up at gigs — but they were Les’ shows.”

Guitarist Longmuir has suggested his departed bandmate needs to grow a thicker skin.

“I am not having a go at Stuart, as we’ve been pals for over 40 years, but he would walk into the dressing room and didn’t speak to anyone. He was like a dark cloud.

“The sad thing is our friendship has suffered. But Stuart and Denise have their own ways. They have this hatred for Les, but Les is just a wind-up merchant.

“If he wants to speak to me, I have no problem with that.”

Wood’s decision to leave the band came as a big surprise to fans.

Only last week, in an exclusive interview with AAA, Wood said, “It is quite amazing that we are getting another kick at the ball…it just goes to show that good songs never die and hopefully a new Bay City Roller album at the end of the year can add to that.”

The Edinburgh pop legends became one of the most successful groups of all time after they burst upon the scene in the early Seventies, selling an estimated 70 million records.

The reformed band – featuring Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Wood – triggered a new wave of Rollermania in September when they announced a string of comeback gigs before releasing a brand new album and going on to be honoured with a Living Legends award at Scotland’s music industry Oscars.

McKeown is set to release a solo album on August 22 called The Lost Songs.

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  • <cite class="fn">Dawn Andert</cite>

    So if Mrs. Longmuir and Mrs. Wood were in a physical altercation, that proves DW started some of her infamous mud-slinging. She needs to grow the hell up and quit running Stewart’s life. And he should grow a pair of balls too!!!

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