Louise Rutkowski releases first single from forthcoming new album

Scots singer Louise Rutkowski is set to release the first single from her forthcoming album, Home.

It’s been six years since music lovers had the pleasure of Louise’s distinctive vocals and the hotly anticipated new material has been worth the wait.

Louise, who rose to prominence as part of the 4AD music project, This Mortal Coil, released her first solo album back in 2014.

The first single from her newbie, Late Sun, is sure to whet the appetite for what is to follow in the complete album.

Three years in the making, Home was made possible by a crowd-funding scheme, and Louise, 56, hopes to attract a new following as well as satisfying her faithful fans.

The album, which was co-written and produced with musician, Irvin Duguid, is an exciting mix of emotive tracks – a harmonious fusion of Louise’s powerful, melodic vocals with classic synthesiser sounds, strings and live drums.

The song Late Sun also conveys Louise’s philosophy and mindfulness that it’s never too late to do anything in life and that age is no barrier to anyone, especially women, in realising their ambitions.

Louise said: “I believe that one is always transitioning and developing and that age is not a reason for giving up on dreams or thinking you can’t do something because it’s too late. It’s never too late.”


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