Neil Young admits he’s a big Susan Boyle fan

Rock legend Neil Young has made the somewhat surprising revelation that he’s a big fan of Susan Boyle.

The great Canadian, whose live album Earth has just been released, compared the West Lothian singer to Adele in an interview with Q magazine, saying,  “Some of Adele’s records are great. I think she’s genuine, she’s real. You can’t really get her to fit into the box. She’s a little like Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle was great. She still is.”

suboBoyle finished runner-up to Diversity in the 2009 series of Britain’s Got Talent, before going on to score a No.1 album in the UK and US the same year with I Dreamed A Dream. The 55-year-old’s most recent album, Hope, reached No.13 in 2014.

As well as his own new album, Young has also been promoting his new high-quality MP3 player Pono.

Admitting that Pono has been struggling for sales, the 70-year-old said, “I like my music the way I make it now, as close as I can get it.”

Asked if he would consider partnering Pono with a large organisation, Young said: “Only if I had complete control over the quality. I don’t care about making money, that’s not what I’m about. And so far, there’s no danger of that happening.”

Young, who put on a sensational show earlier this month at the SSE Hydro Glasgow, where he was supported by elfin folk star Laura Marling, admitted he rarely goes to gigs these days, and may not see the other musicians he plays with at Desert Trip festival in October.

In another recent interview, Young, whose new album talks about the dangerous effects society is having on the planet, listed events like Hurricane Sandy as evidence that Earth is rebelling against the humans polluting it with greenhouse gases.

“Climate change is one of the great prophet senders,” he said, adding that despite the pillaging of our planet and its many resources, he’s confident the human race will survive.

“I think we’re going to make it, I really do,” Young said. “I feel like Earth is just mistreated, and I think you just have to keep pointing it out and people will want to make a change. Want to eat food that they know is cleaner and better for the Earth, study the ways things are done.”