Nick Valensi teases new music from The Strokes

The Strokes are back in the recording studio – and the New Yorkers hope to release new music next year.

Speaking to NME, guitarist Nick Valensi said: “The Strokes are alive and well and living in New York City. We are working on music and we want to hopefully put music out next year.”

Valensi added that he’s a tad wary of saying too much about the possibility of new music, saying: “If I start saying a lot now, people get too excited. Then there’s all this hype you’ve got to compete with, and that’s not fun.

“If anything,” he added, “I’d rather just pull a Beyonce at some point next year and just drop sh*t.”

Recently, Valensi formed new band CRX, who are set to release their Josh Homme-produced debut album, New Skin, on October 28.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine about his involvement with Homme, Valensi said: “Initially, I just approached him with a couple of songs that I had demoed to get his opinion and to get feedback from him.

“I was at his house and played him some music, and then we started talking about producers. The conversation led to “who would be a good producer for this?” And so we had that conversation and one thing led to another and I was like, “Well, would you do it?” And he said “I’d do it in a heartbeat.” We just started working together from then on.”

In June, The Strokes released EP Future Present, their first new music since 2013’s album Comedown Machine.

The EP features three songs: Oblivius, Drag Queen and Threat of Joy, plus a remix of Oblivius by the band’s Fab Moretti.

The new songs followed a Strokes video which was displayed on the side of buildings in London and New York.

The video, entitled Future Present Past, featured a figure running on a track with the words ‘future’, ‘present’ and ‘past’ across the screen.

In 2009, The Strokes’ 2001 debut album Is This It topped the 100 Greatest Albums Of The Decade list in a poll by NME magazine.




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