Mix and mingle at Opal Lounge

Want to spot the famous Edinburgh Hibees latest superstar signing (as if!)? Opal Lounge is your venue. Want to mix and mingle (and probably still stay single!) with the Capital’s beautiful people? Opal Lounge is your venue. Want to drink like a VIP in what is easily one of the city’s most stylish hangouts? Again, Opal Lounge is your venue.

The George Street basement has had some pretty famous faces through its doors over the years, including Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas, Andre 3000, Justin Timberlake, and even royalty in the shape of Wills and Harry. As such, the prices are very George Street – i.e., not cheap in the slightest – but then you probably wouldn’t be wanting to head here if you weren’t the type who likes to splash the cash a bit.

The door staff can be very picky – so don’t show up drunk, don’t give them any backchat, and, most importantly, dress to impress.

Opal Lounge, George Street
Opal Lounge, George Street

The 800 sq feet Opal Lounge hosts different club nights on different days of the week, and opens from 5pm-3am Monday to Sunday, and from noon to 3am on Saturdays. The music policy varies depending on what club night it is, but it’s mainly catered to 20-30 somethings, with a lot of funky house and a smattering of the dancier side of the charts.

The food is excellent, and the cocktails even better, with an award-winning mixologist on the staff. While Friday and Saturday nights are fairly hectic affairs, on Sundays there’s a far more chilled out vibe.

Opal Lounge, George Street, 0131-226 2275

words: Jay Mackintosh