Pollyanna McIntosh teases “worse” things on The Walking Dead

Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays the mysterious Jadis in The Walking Dead, says things will get “worse” before they get better for Rick Grimes and his dwindling party of survivors.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, the Edinburgh-raised actress said: “Man, it gets worse. [Jadis has] already tried to shoot him. And, yeah, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with where it goes. It gets pretty interesting.

“It’s really about tactical stuff,” McIntosh continued. “I mean, how many people could she possibly still lose over there? And these Saviors, you know, Negan is a guy not to be messed with. He’s not as forgiving or as open minded as Rick seems to be. So, we’ll go over there and fight this fight for you and possibly lose some of my people for what? You seem to be pretty friendly anyway. Here you are. Yeah.

“People will be dying in hideous ways. I mean, that’s part of the personality of the comic book. And as long as we keep the great character development and the great threads of morality and the human condition within there, I think we have some room to have a bit of fun with that blood and gore.”

Much has been written about The Walking Dead’s falling viewing figures in recent weeks, and McIntosh has tried to explain the audience drop-off.

“We listen to what they [the fans] have to say, and we’re in touch with them in lots of ways,” she said. “I think season seven knocked a lot of people sideways with the gore, you know? And we took that into account, but it also set up… the truth of it, this is a show from a comic book, you know?”

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