Review: Cut, at Leith Depot

With a maximum capacity of 60, Leith Depot can comfortably be described as a small and intimate venue. On Saturday night, it was the perfect space for three bands who promised some serious rock’n’roll.

Headliners, Italian three-piece Cut, were back in the UK to plug their sixth studio album, Second Skin. Formed in 1996, this hardcore trio have earned a reputation as a wild and intense live act, and the band were looking to deliver a raucous 21st birthday treat.

The first of the support acts, Edinburgh-based trio Geek Maggot Bingo, take the stage. Thankfully, there is no gore and violence as in their film namesake – but there is plenty of gallop and velocity.

The howling vocals of opener Join The Freaks sets the pace, which then ramps up a notch with Geek Beat, a roller coaster of a song with hints of the Batman theme. And things don’t slow down; Ghoul In The Graveyard has the audience dancing, and Looking At You maintains the fast and furious rhythm.

This band are Dr Feelgood on speed. Sample their sound on their debut album, This Is This. This Ain’t Something Else.

Next up is Rocket Reducer, a four-piece from Glasgow who keep the boosters at full throttle. They surge into Blackout Time and don’t let up as they follow with Ono.

The pace is hectic and the place sweating as the turbo-charged train rhythm of Evil Woman reverberates round the room. These guys are kicking out the jams in some style, and an appreciative audience are loving it.

The set ends with the energetic Backwards Going Forward, another explosion of raw rock’n’roll.

The crowd are now ready for some Bologna bop and a cheer rings out as Cut stride on stage and launch into the guitar frenzy of Torture.

The crowd are not disappointed as Cut proceed to deliver their blistering brand of post-punk noise. It’s impossible to simply nod along and participation becomes obligatory with the band intent on mingling with the punters.

The guitarist steps on the cupped hands of two members of the audience and is raised above the crowd for one of the songs, while the other wanders off stage to give a close up performance. These guys could put on a Fringe street show.

For the closing number, the rocking Night Ride, the band have the audience on stage  playing guitar and drums.

This was a serious dose of in your face rock’n’roll – go see these bands and be prepared to be part of the performance.

Words: Alan Hotchkiss

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