Review: Domiciles, at PJ Molloys

To be a psychedelic shoegazer must be a wonderful thing – at least that was the vibe emanating from Domiciles.

Five young lads from Fife, the band have been busy gigging and recording for just over a year now, steadily building up a solid reputation.

The songs posted on YouTube and SoundCloud suggested they were worthy of more than a cursory listen – and so it proved.

PJ Molloys in Dunfermline is more than your traditional wood-panelled pub, and beyond the ‘Wall of Fame’, featuring luminaries such as The Strypes and The View, lies the 350-capacity gig area.

The first band to take to the stage were Real Life Entertainment from Perth, who delighted the early birds in attendance by delivering a blistering psych-pop set.

Next came the adrenaline rush of Leith band Ayakara, a five-piece whose energy surged through the audience from their first number to their last.

If you get the chance, go and see those bands.

Headliners Domiciles opened with Clearing, on which a mix of swirling guitars and organ created a dreamy landscape of sound.

This was the template for most of the songs that followed and is what their posse of dedicated fans had come to hear and appreciate.

When woven with a strong guitar hook, their sound transcends retro and the set ended with a run of such songs – latest single In Indra, 100 Miles, Nothing Changed and Wither.

Domiciles are a band building up a strong catalogue with the potential to break through to a much larger audience.

My advice – take the opportunity to join the growing band of shoegazers now.

Words: Alan Hotchkiss

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