Review: Marvel Universe Live, The Hydro

Fast-paced, loud and thrilling, Marvel Universe Live is an immersive superhero experience that more than managed to justify its expensive price tag.

Produced by Feld Entertainment, the team behind the renowned Disney on Ice franchise, the all-new arena show will appeal primarily to children who have outgrown the company’s Princess-centric tours, as well as teens and adults familiar with the Marvel comic books and movies.

Whilst the show’s plot, which follows a gaggle of iconic Marvel superheroes including Spider-Man and Captain America as they team up to defeat evil villains from destroying the earth, is admittedly thin, it flows enough to provide an adequate setting for the non-stop special effects and stunts to take centre stage.

With roaring motorbikes, vibrant projections, stunning aerial stunts, realistic fight scenes, a booming soundtrack and constant pyrotechnics, the show essentially depicts what would happen if the world’s largest comic book exploded onstage. What’s more, with Marvel Universe Live!’s tall set and The Hydro’s theatre-in-the-round seating configuration, there simply isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Each of the Marvel Universe Live cast members are talented, agile and fearless in equal measure – they somehow manage to make swinging from one side of the arena to the other on a wire and jumping off a crane onto a motorbike look like child’s play.

The production of this show clearly works like a well-oiled machine and the use of clever smoke and mirror techniques, coupled with the cast member’s dexterity when it comes to performing their stunts, ensure the wires and safety mechanisms are always well concealed, resulting in the children in the audience truly believing they are witnessing Thor and his gang of superhero buddies save the world.

Marvel Universe Live! UK Tour Dates

12 – 15 January – SSE Arena, Belfast

19 – 22 January – Sheffield Arena

26 – 29 January – Manchester Evening News Arena

Words: Amy Anderson

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