Review: Matilda The Musical, Edinburgh Playhouse *****

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Matilda The Musical. After all, this Royal Shakespeare Company production has already bagged over 90 awards, and it doesn’t take a minute to see why Roald Dahl’s beloved tale has become such a global smash-hit.

Starring the fabulous Scarlett Cecil as Matilda Wormwood, this delightful show tells the story of an extraordinary little girl who develops magical powers on her quest to find happiness.

But that’s not without overcoming some rotten adults along the way and Matilda needs to use all her might to beat the horrid headmistress, Miss Trunchbull (played by the wildly funny Elliot Harper), as well as her rotten parents (played by the brilliantly comical Rebecca Thornhill and Sebastien Torkia).

Carly Thoms also takes a starring role as the caring Miss Honey, alongside Michelle Chantelle Hopewell who plays Mrs Phelps, a librarian who befriends Matilda and embraces her love of storytelling.

From start to finish, Matilda The Musical is bursting with energy. And that’s largely down to its ridiculously talented cast of supporting child actors. These kids can sing, dance, act, and put on one hell of a performance – even if they are known as “maggots”.

Production wise, it’s as enchanting as you would expect. The set is beautiful and intelligently put together, and Tim Minchin’s music evokes the same magic and mystery as Dahl’s writings and could not be a more fitting match.

Matilda The Musical is one of the slickest stage productions out there, so don’t miss your opportunity to join the magic.

Words: Aimee Stanton

Matilda The Musical is on at Edinburgh Playhouse until 27 April

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