Review: Penn and Teller, Glasgow Armadillo

They’re as synonymous with Las Vegas as scantily-clad showgirls and blinding neon lights so it was no surprise to see a full house of excited fans turn out in force to see Penn and Teller perform in Scotland for the very first time last night.

The iconic duo brought countless illusions and jokes with them but their most impressive trick was the way in which they were able to play their audience –revealing their ‘secrets’ one minute before fooling them with an even more impressive trick the next, making them instantly question anything and everything they thought they knew about magic.

Penn is clearly a fiercely intelligent born entertainer, displaying showmanship at its very best throughout the show, whilst Teller’s gentle mute clowning act balances things out perfectly. A short sketch about how the duo would have approached magic had they known each other verges on being too long and drawn-out but it still succeeds in reminding everyone of just how universally entertaining and appealing magic is.

Penn might constantly remind the audience that everything they’re doing is as fake as the reality show he once starred in but, when all is said and done, it does absolutely nothing to break the illusion. When Penn and Teller are this good, it’s hard to not believe in magic.

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

Penn and Teller, SEC Armadillo, Finnieston Street, Glasgow, Friday 16 June, 7.30pm, 0844 395 4000.

Words: Amy Anderson

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