Review: Six, Festival Theatre ******

Ever wondered what it would look and sound like if you put Little Mix, a history book about Henry VIII and a bucket-load of sass into a blender? Welcome to Six, the unlikely superstar Fringe show that continues to break records and take the musical theatre world by storm, grossing over $1million in its opening week on Broadway.

With a modest running time of just 80 minutes, Six is a fast-paced, upbeat and empowering show that will leave you running home to belt out the soundtrack into your hairbrush. More of a live concert experience than a typical musical, the show sees the late wives of Henry VIII gather as a spunky girl band to tell their side of the infamous story while competing to be crowned the ultimate Queen, determined by who the audience deems to have suffered the most. 

Rousing opening number Ex-Wives sets the tone for the evening, before each Queen steps forward to deliver their own solo, putting forward their case for why they should be crowned the lead singer of this royal residency.

It’s almost impossible to root for just one standout star as each Queen has their own fascinating story and likable personality. Jennifer Cauldwell’s Anne Boleyn, for example, is a spirited cross between Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne, and her performance of Don’t Lose Your Head is infectiously fun, while Casey Al-Shaqsy brings a real sense of fragility to Jane Seymour, who mothered a son with Henry shortly before he died, with her stunning vocal performance of Heart of Stone. 

When the diverse cast shines brightest though, is the moments when they come together to perform as a united sextet. Bouncing off each other in their sparkling regality-meets-pop-punk-princess costumes, their boundless energy epitomizes the freedom their characters feel as they come together to reclaim their stories. 

Girl power at its finest – a solid six stars.

Six is on at The Festival Theatre until Saturday 26 March 2022. Tickets are available at

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