Review: Wendy and Peter, Lyceum

While Ella Hickson’s Wendy And Peter Pan presents a very modern take on JM Barrie’s classic children’s story, it retains much of the magic of the original. Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, the Lyceum’s Christmas show is a well-acted and beautifully crafted production that really seems to be connecting with both children and adults. And deservedly so. All your favourite characters are present as Wendy (Isobel McArthur) and Peter (Ziggy Heath) fly together to Neverland, only to discover all is not well in the kingdom of the Lost Boys, as the villainous Captain Hook (Gyuri Sarossy) wreaks havoc. Wendy and Peter team up with feisty fairy Tiger Lily (Bonnie Baddoo) and gallus Glaswegian Tinkerbell (Sally Reid) to try and win the day. Though it’s fast-paced and full of laughs, Wendy And Peter Pan is also really quite moving as Wendy deals with the death of her brother. Family entertainment at its best, this crowd-pleasing production is everything a Christmas show should be. Four stars.

Photo credit:  Mihaela Bodlovic

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