‘Les McKeown’s greed forced me to quit Bay City Rollers’, says Woody

It’s all gone horribly wrong in the Bay City Rollers’ camp – and not for the first time.

Back in their heyday, the band split after Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood punched singer Les McKeown on stage – and now, 40 years on, the dream reunion has turned sour as well, with Wood telling The Sun that McKeown’s ‘greed’ has forced him to quit the 70s sensations for a second time.

Yes, despite the fact the Bay City Rollers spent the weekend turning T in the Park tartan, the gig turned out to be their last with Wood.

Only hours before the gig, the 58-year-old took to social media site Twitter to announce the show would be his last with the reformed rockers. He said: ‘Hi All…just to say TITP is my last gig. Disappointed is an understatement but outwith my control.’

And now the rocker has spoken to The Sun about the reasons behind his shock exit. The newspaper reports that he said: “I hoped this would have been a fresh start. We would have each earned £1million over the next two years but Les has ruined it because of his greed.

“When we got back together, Les agreed he would dedicate one year to us as a band. I was very optimistic — but it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour.

“Fans were under the impression that Les’ shows were Bay City Rollers gigs. I was getting messages from fans pissed off with me for not turning up at gigs — but they were Les’ shows.”

News of his departure came as a shock to fans of the band, who became one of the most successful groups of all time after they burst upon the scene in the early Seventies, selling an estimated 70 million records.

And it had all seemed so promising when the band got back together late last year.

Only last week, in an exclusive interview with AAA, Wood said: “It is quite amazing that we are getting another kick at the ball…it just goes to show that good songs never die and hopefully a new Bay City Roller album at the end of the year can add to that.”

When asked if the band had any plans to tour together internationally after the success of their Scottish reunion shows, he added: “I’m personally hoping we tour further afield.”


  • <cite class="fn">sharon</cite>

    whiny “rock” star

  • <cite class="fn">Anne U. Nibrow</cite>

    What a prima donna. Sounds like Woody and his wife staged this to garner attention to themselves. Well it looks like they got their just rewards, especially his no class Bowie obsessed wife.

  • <cite class="fn">james matthews</cite>

    That,s Les,s band on the vid not the Bay City Rollers…….lol

  • <cite class="fn">E. V. Apolhumpher</cite>

    You all leave my Leslie baby alone. As 4 Mz. Wood, U r a no gud toxic waste of space who ruined the BCR’s.Go sell ur cheep gudz whereever u cud

  • <cite class="fn">Kate</cite>

    Wish Woody alll the best with what ever he does.
    Will always be a fan of his.

  • <cite class="fn">Di Winthropeass</cite>

    Denise Wood is really Diseased Wood as Les calls her. She is mean, cold heartec and pits fans against each other. Les is right, thank god she can’t have kids because if they take after her the world would be a bad place.

  • <cite class="fn">C.Copper</cite>

    Let me share something about the Woods. I was once a member of their webpage and I posted about where to get some yellow and black tartan material and their lackey named Di, read me the riot act. I was assumed that maybe they sold the material and thought that I was giving them some competition for their revenue.

    So it doesn’t surprise me if this is about the money that was to be made and not about the tour. As for Alan going to Japan, no one twisted his arm that was his decision. If Woody wanted to go and he probably knew because it was all over the pages the Les and Alan were going, then why didn’t. Honestly this article and interview sounds a lot like sour grapes to me as the spotlight isn’t focused on him and this is the only way to get public media attention.

    Big Bear Hugs

  • <cite class="fn">Barbara Carr</cite>

    I don’t agree with his perspective, but in my eyes he’ll always be a star.

  • <cite class="fn">Valentina</cite>

    I’m so saddened by the news of Woody leaving the band. Was so looking forward to a tour from the guys! I’m one of their fans who didn’t have a chance to see them live back in the day and thought my chance would come about. I guess it’s not gonna happen now 🙁 I thank each and every Roller for the memories & music though and wish them the best. Love always, your faithful fan from The B.C. Kootenays in Canada.

  • <cite class="fn">deb howlett</cite>

    can I just say Woody will always be loved by the fans but Les couldn’t have committed to u as we already had tickets for this oct which we purchased last oct Les has kept his fans going for years n doesn’t really need Alan or Woody he has his own sell out date n has done for years

  • <cite class="fn">John Bainbridge</cite>

    I’m sure les mc keown put a lot of his own money into recording the lost songs and the rock n roll Christmas time album so by keeping the existing dates he can make himself a new generation of fans so the music can live on. Woody your loss remember les is the original voice and it’s a shame you couldn’t honour all us fans and put your differences apart for the fans anyway that still buy the albums badges the shirts and all the other metro billiards out there.

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