Scottish band release charity single in a tribute to U2

A Scottish band hope to raise cash for a charity in a labour of love tribute to U2. Independent rockers December claim they owe their passion for music and performing to the work of the Irish super group.

The song also highlights the contribution of Ali Hewson (nee Stewart), who is married to U2 front man, Bono.

The track, Alison Stewart, was penned after the band split up from their previous identity [The Janes] and their record company, having faced the ups and downs of trying to make it in the music business. They reformed under their original name December and wanted to thank U2, whose music and example inspired them throughout and prompted them to get back in the studio. December now feel stronger than ever.

The band intends to donate all proceeds from the single to Chernobyl Children International, a cause supported by Ali Hewson.


“We really wanted to call it after Ali. It’s a tribute to her too – U2 and their fans owe her a debt of gratitude,” explains guitarist Scott Pattison. “We want to honour them and say thank you, and as songwriters this is the best way we know how. We want to thank them whilst trying to raise cash for a charity that is so close to their heart.

The band admits to being nervous that U2 might not like the song and hope that if they hear it they appreciate the sentiment and reasons behind it.

Pattison added, “We wanted to honour U2 for a lifetime of music. We wouldn’t be musicians or songwriters but for them.

“We also wanted to thank Ali Hewson. When we wrote the song, we imagined her looking back on the early days of the band and then at their Live Aid appearance – and encouraging the surrender they sing so much about and which is so important.

“If they ever hear the song we hope that they will appreciate the spirit in which we offer it. This is our tribute to them all.  We also can’t wait to see them when their tour hits Glasgow in November.”

Alison Stewart is available to download on iTunes from November 2

Details on Chernobyl Children International: