Watch Shirley Manson discuss new Garbage album

Edinburgh-born singer Shirley Manson has been discussing the just-released new Garbage album – and you can watch the full interview below.

Garbage released Strange Little Birds today on the band’s own label, STUNVOLUME.

The band’s Stockbridge-raised frontwoman was interviewed by music bible NME, and she’s candid as ever.

“It was pretty laid-back,” says the 49-year-old icon on the recording process. “We’d been through a fraught period a few years ago, so now things have sort of levelled out and there doesn’t appear to be too much fraughtness – although whenever you’re in a band there’s got to be some tensions. It’s just natural.

“It’s like being with your family… spending hour after hour, day after day with your family, you’re going to have a few issues.”

Among Manson’s favourite tracks on the new album is If I Lost You, which she says is probably the first love song the band have written since Milk that comes from a really vulnerable place.

“I realised as a writer I tended not to be too vulnerable, ever, for whatever reason,” she says. “I determined on this record that I was going to go to the places that I deliberately avoid, for reasons that I am not very sure but… I’m really proud of how that track sounds.”

The four-piece of Manson, Steve Marker, Duke Erikson and Butch Vig have only released one record since 2005, their 2012 offering Not Your Kind Of People, with the band going on ‘hiatus’ periods either side of the fifth album’s release.

Strange Little Birds includes reference to fan mail they’ve received as well as the music they listened to growing up.

“To me, this record, funnily enough, has the most to do with the first record than any of the previous records,” says Manson. “It’s getting back to that beginner’s headspace. In part, that’s a result of not having anyone to answer to.”

Garbage played a sell-out gig at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall in November to celebrate 20 years since the release of their four-million-selling debut album, which was released in August 1995 and went on to sell over four million copies worldwide, buoyed by the now-classic hits Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl, Vow and Queer.

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