T in the Park Interview: Indigo Velvet

With T in the Park in full swing, AAA: Edinburgh will be getting to know some of the most exciting new bands performing at the festival over the weekend.

Today, we sat down with Indigo Velvet ahead of their anticipated slot on the T Break Stage on Sunday.

You’re set to perform on the T Break Stage on Sunday. What are you most looking forward to about performing at the festival?

Jason: We love going to gigs and we do it all the time. We’re simply looking forward to seeing loads of amazing bands – we have friends playing in a quite a few bands this year too so we’ll be down front supporting them!

Some of Scotland’s biggest bands and artists first made a name for themselves whilst performing on the T Break Stage. How did you react when you found out you were going to be playing?

Darren: We were blown away! To be able to play T has been one of our main ambitions as a band since we started nearly 3 years ago. It’s a bit of a dream come true – amazing!


Craig Johnston from DF Concerts named Indigo Velvet as his ‘top tip’ for T Break this year. That’s some compliment…

Laurie: I know, we were speechless! When anyone says nice things about us it’s incredible and flattering, but it’s truly humbling coming from Craig, since he’s one of the festival bookers and a T Break judge.

Everyone at DF Concerts has helped us and, in a way, taken us under their wing. Chris Beltran deserves a special mention, too!

For anyone that hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

Darren: We’ve always described it as tropical-indie. Our music has naturally developed throughout the years and, after experimenting with our sound, we feel we’ve finally discovered the sound we’re looking for as a band – upbeat, summery, festival music!

You’re no stranger to the touring circuit and have been playing festivals all over the country. How are you going to adapt your live shows for T?

Jason: We’ve been thinking about how we would approach T, if we got the chance, for a while now. For us, playing live is the best thing about being in a band and we try our hardest to entertain and get people dancing along.

Getting the opportunity to play T means a LOT to us, so we’re going to step it up a few notches and make this one to remember!

T Break_0_0

What do you think makes T in the Park different from any other music festival?

Laurie: Well put it this way – T in the Park has been running longer than any of us have been alive and that’s mind-boggling.

It’s the original and biggest festival in Scotland – an institution. As we mentioned earlier, actually playing, instead of just attending, it’s a bit of a dream come true for us lads.

Have you attended T in the Park before? If so, what’s your fondest memory of the festival?

Jason: We’ve all been coming to T for the past 5 years, since we were at school. Our fondest memory would have to be just last year when we went as a group for the first time and got to see Fuse ODG and Seasick Steve!

Are there any other bands or artists you’re hoping to see this year?

Jason: We’re really looking forward to The Lapelles, The Van T’s, Fatherson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jack Garrat and Blossoms. The list goes on!

After the festival season is over, what’s next for you?

Billy: We’ve been working hard booking our first big headline tour across the whole of the UK, not just in Scotland, so we are looking forward to announcing that. We’re also heading into the studio to record some new songs in the next couple of months. Exciting times!

Indigo Velvet will perform on the T Break Stage on Sunday. For tickets or more information on T in the park, visit www.tinthepark.com