T in the Park Interview: Model Aeroplanes

T in the Park kicks off tonight and, throughout the festival, AAA: Edinburgh will be chatting to some of the freshest, most exciting bands on the line-up to help you decide who to go and see.

Tonight, Model Aeroplanes will perform on the Blakout Stage, after being handpicked to perform by popular Glaswegian musician KLOE. We caught up with bassist Ben Buist to find out what they have planned for Scotland’s largest music festival.

  • You’ve just announced a “secret” performance on the Blakout Stage at T in the Park tomorrow. How did that come about?

We’ve known KLOE for a pretty long time now – we go way back. She obviously knows you can’t have the opening night of T in the Park without a group of Dundonians there!

It was really nice of her to invite us along and it’ll be fun to be part of the night.


  • How are you feeling about helping to kick off the festival?

We feel honoured, as always, to play such a great festival. We’ve been going to T since we were young and it’s always a top class weekend, so helping to kick it off feels pretty cool to us.

  • You’ve just released the video for your latest single, Whatever Dress Suits You Better. Can you tell us about it?

It’s quite a crazy video that will hopefully take people on a psychological journey through time and space. We all worked with a visual and musical genius known as Bovine on the video and we couldn’t be happier with the fruity results.


“We’ve done lots of

mental things at T

that we’d rather

keep to ourselves”


  • You’re no strangers to the touring circuit. How do you go about adapting your live shows for festivals like T in the Park?

We take a lot of care in preparing our set before we play festivals, especially at T in the Park. We try to make the set flow well but keep the crowd loving it. Constant energy. It’s always a special kind of set at T.

  • This won’t be your first time performing at T. What is your fondest memory of the festival?

We’ve done lots of mental things at T that we’d rather keep to ourselves. What happens at T stays at T!

TITP-Sun-39A 2

  • For those that haven’t heard your music or seen you perform live before, what can they expect from your set?

Lots of energy and hopefully a dynopsychedelic-space-funk show. Oh, and some skin.

  • Are there any other bands you’re hoping to see?

We’ll hopefully catch Catfish, Disclosure, BORNS and it would be insane to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the Sunday – proper teenage vibes!

  • After the festival season is over, what’s next for Model Aeroplanes?

Writing, writing and more writing, then some touring, and even more writing.

Stay tuned for lots of new stuff!

Model Aeroplanes perform on the Blakout Stage at T in the Park at 8.15pm tonight. For tickets or more information, visit http://www.tinthepark.com/

Words: Amy Anderson