The Walking Dead 2020 spin-off will be ‘so different’ says franchise boss

The Walking Dead’s third spin-off series will be “so different from anything we’ve seen before”, according to chief creative officer Scott Gimple.

Chatting to The Hollywood Reporter, Gimple explained what fans can expect from the hit zombie franchise’s third show, which is due to air in 2020.

He said: “With that show, the third show, it is less about the format and it is much more about the perspective that we have.”

Gimple went on to describe the new characters and revealed that the story arc will be set around two sisters and their group of friends.

“It is still set in the same world, but the things that they’re tied up in are very different than the things that the other shows have featured and the lives that we’ve seen these other characters lead,” he said.

“I don’t mean that they simply start in a settled place but the system that they’re under and the system that they’re tied into and trying to get out of is so different from anything we’ve seen.”

He concluded: “And it gives this show, with its very young perspective, a very different feel.”

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