The Walking Dead boss reveals why Daryl Dixon has never been in a relationship

The Walking Dead’s show runner has revealed why fan-favourite Daryl Dixon has never been in a relationship.

The loveable redneck, played by Norman Reedus, is one of the hit zombie series longest-serving characters – but he has never found love and struggles to get close to those around him.

Show runner Angela Kang has explained why Daryl struggles to connect with people, citing his difficult childhood and guarded personality.

“Daryl’s such an interesting character that way because in some ways, when it comes to romantic relationships, he’s not a person that I think trusts easily, and a lot of that has to do with his backstory, which is filled with so much trauma,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“He was physically abused, as well as in other ways. There’s sensitivity there for him. And I think he’s also just a person who it’s hard for him to trust anybody enough to connect with them really, really deeply,” she added.

Kang went on to say that Daryl is unable to separate sex and emotion, meaning that a casual fling was never on the cards.

“It’s a long, slow process for him in a lot of ways to get into any kind of a romantic thing, whereas I think most people these days think of it as just like, ‘Oh, you could have fun with somebody, and you can have sex with them and then it doesn’t have to mean anything,’” Kang explained.

“Daryl’s just not wired that way, and that tracks with conversations that Norman [Reedus] and I have had. He doesn’t attach to people lightly enough that he can give it a chance easily, you know?”

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