Top five films this week

There are loads of films to watch in Edinburgh’s cinemas this weekend – both old and new – but here’s the five currently on offer that I think you’d be silly to miss…


45 Years

For a second week, Andrew Haigh’s beautiful and devastating 45 Years is sitting comfortably at the top. A big winner at several film festivals to date, this drama deserves every single accolade. And the fact that the box office receipts have been excellent so far, audiences seem ready to be wowed by everything from the performances and direction to the stunning, eerie score.


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Influenced by the films of Martin Scorsese, this adaptation of Jesse Andrews’ novel beholds many familiar teen film trademarks. But unlike some, it manages to transcend most of these to become a brilliantly textured comedy drama that packs quite the powerful emotional punch come the end. Some call it manipulative, but there’s no doubt this is a film to please. And please it does – in droves.


Inside Out

It never feels like a chore to big up Inside Out. The film has been in cinemas for months now but shows no signs of showing down. It’s never a surprise for Pixar to deliver. There’s something about Inside Out, however, that makes it stand out. Perhaps it’s because it follows up Cars 2, or perhaps more likely because it’s one of the best films of the year to date. Funny, sad and endlessly imaginative.



This one won’t be available in many cinemas but I decided to include it anyway because of how completely bizarre and wonderful it is. Steve Oram’s directorial debut, which imagines people in the 21st century had they never developed the ability to communicate any more eloquently than their ape brethren, Aaaaaaaah! is a one–of-a-kind conceit that’s pushed to brilliance by all involved.



Not the guns blazing trailblazer many have labelled it as, Dope is, nonetheless, fast and moderately fun. Malcolm has his sights set on college but a run-in with a drug-lord may be his downfall. Shameik Moore plays Malcolm and, in turn, delivers a stand-out performance in a film that tries to do it all but falls short in many ways. But it’s heart is there and has enough frenetic energy to keep you entertained throughout.