Unheard Oasis songs teased

The graphic designer who created the covers of three of Oasis’ best-loved albums claims to have unearthed a tape of unreleased music by the much-loved Manchester indie band.

Yesterday, on social media, Brian Cannon posted a photograph of a cassette tape dating back to 1995, which he says, includes a track that has never before been heard by fans.

Cannon, however, declined to share the contents of the tape online, despite countless pleas – and even the offer of substantial amounts of money – from Oasis die-hards.

According to Cannon, the recording includes multiple versions of the classic hit single Wonderwall, a never-before-heard (publicly) Oasis track, and several minutes of Noel Gallagher’s ad libs during an early recording session.

Asked by one fan if the previously unreleased tape is, in fact, the legendary British band’s first ever demo recording, Cannon replied that it was “a bit later”.

Cannon designed the covers of Definitely Maybe, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now – as well as, among others, The Verve’s Urban Hymns and Ash’s 1977.

A few months back, Liam Gallagher said, “Oasis was definitely like a fucking Ferrari, great to look at, great to drive and it will fucking spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast. I loved every minute of it.”

Oasis split in 2009 having released seven studio albums, scoring eight No.1 singles, and selling a total of 70 million records worldwide.

In March, Wonderwall by Oasis was named as the ‘Best British Song Of All Time’ in a special Radio X poll.

“What can I say? The people have spoken,” said Noel Gallagher after hearing of the accolade. “The fact that there wasn’t one single Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds song in the top 20 makes think the whole thing is a mockery of an unreliable sham!

“Saying that, though, I’m thrilled,” he added.

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