The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln speaks about cliffhanger ending

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln, who plays chief zombie slayer Rick Grimes in the hit TV series, says he gets mobbed every time he leaves his house by fans desperate to know the conclusion of the show’s recent cliffhanger finale.

The last episode of season six saw arch villain Negan beat one of Grimes’ survivor community to death, but as it happened off camera, many fans were left angered, later launching an online petition asking TV network AMC to reveal which character was killed by Negan.

The Walking Dead returns to Fox UK in October – but it seems some fans can’t wait to find out which character bit the dust.

Lincoln, who has been in the show from the beginning, told EW: “Every time I leave my house, everybody’s going ‘Please tell me. Just whisper. Who is it? Is it you?’”

The actor went on to add that many fans believe it’s Grimes who gets killed.

He said: “They ask me ‘Is it you? Why are you in England at the moment? Why aren’t you working or filming?’ It’s hilarious, absolutely insane.”

Asked about the mixed response to the season six finale, Lincoln said: “Part of me goes ‘Well, it’s kept people talking for a considerable amount of time.’ Whether you love it or hate it, it has kept people talking. I love that people are so engaged with it and are so opinionated about it. It’s a great energy that we feed off.

“Obviously we don’t a divided reaction every time we do a season finale, because then we’d start to be concerned. But we value and respect everybody’s opinion, because without it we wouldn’t be here.”

As reported on AAA last month, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will return as Negan for season seven and is now a regular cast member, has spoken about the consequences of his character’s introduction to the show.

“It’s a reset on The Walking Dead world,” he teased. “It’s f*cking Negan’s world now.”

The actor went on to say the first half of this season is “Negan wreaking havoc. And some of your characters that you’ve grown to love are not going to be on the show anymore, and it’s going to end badly for them.

“It’s going to be a whole new beginning for The Walking Dead. Really, we’ve taken the show and just flipped it upside down. It’s a different show now. It’s going to have a different feeling.

“You’re going to see your favourite characters in a position that they’ve never been in before, which is super vulnerable and victimised.”

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