The Walking Dead boss says Rick and Negan are alike

The Walking Dead‘s showrunner Scott M. Gimple says the show’s hero Rick and its arch villain Negan are actually similar to each other.

The hit zombie show’s current antagonist was introduced in the final episode of its sixth season, and dominated much of the storylines in the seventh season, which concluded back in April.

Speaking ahead of the return of The Walking dead on October 16 – where it’ll start with show’s 100th episode – Gimple has discussed the similarities between Rick and Negan, who are set to go to war against one another in the show’s forthcoming eighth season.

“I think if we followed Negan, we might even be in the same place that we are with Rick where we’re like, ‘Whoa. What you’re doing there seems like the behaviour of a bad person’,” Gimple told

“What’s interesting is, I think for Rick’s experience, he’s justified in what he’s doing. The world has formed him this way, and what he’s done has generally been a reaction to being threatened and trying to make sure his people live.

“Things are getting greyer and greyer and greyer. But I think the things that Rick has done, you can hold up against the things that Negan has done and it’s not a vast gulf between those two, but the way that they operate is very different.

“Their philosophies are very different, and that’s maybe where we see one person being the hero and one person being the villain.”

Gimple recently teased that the new episodes will move at a “breakneck pace” when The Walking Dead returns to our screens.

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