The Walking Dead: Are Rick and Daryl headed for a showdown?

Two of the Walking Dead’s best-loved characters – Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon – could be on a collision course in Season 8.

That’s according to Norman Reedus, who plays crossbow-wielding redneck Daryl in the hit zombie show.

Season 8 has seen all-out-war as the fighters of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom attack the Saviors on multiple fronts.

Daryl and Rick went on a mission to raid a Savior compound to steal a stack of guns, but it went pear-shaped quickly, and it became apparent that Daryl and Rick are no longer on the same page when it comes to battling the bad guys.

Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) still sees the value in talking to the Saviors, while Daryl wants to shoot on sight.

Talking about the potential for conflict between Rick and Daryl, Reedus said: “There might be one coming. It looks like there could be something happening. But you know, we’re still brothers and we’re still on the same team, but the stakes are higher right now.”

Reedus went on to say this about Daryl in Season 8: “He’s just got revenge on his mind this year. He’s ready to kill everybody, no matter what the group says, no matter what anybody says. He’s just like, ‘Nah, screw it. Everybody dies.’ He’s very focused on revenge.”

New episodes of The Walking Dead air on Sundays in the US on AMC, and Mondays in the UK on Fox.

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