The Walking Dead season 8 ‘like Die Hard with zombies’

The Walking Dead season 8 is like Die Hard with zombies. That’s according to Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron in the hit zombie series.

“The first four or five episodes are kind of like little mini action films,” the 36-year-old American actor said.

The eighth season of The Walking Dead will return in the UK on October 23, having premiered the previous day in the US.

The first episode of the new season, Mercy, will also be The Walking Dead‘s 100th episode.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Marquand said he is excited about the new season, stating: “They’re hour-long action films, each one of them, and that’s just exciting for me being an action nerd because Die Hard is my favourite action movie of all time and there are little moments like that throughout.

“There are these really sort of beautifully nuanced and realistic action moments. I think that we’ve struck a really good balance of the fantastical elements of the show with some really great just old school action sequences.”

Speaking about season seven, Marquand said it was important to take the time to really explore Negan’s character and set up of a number of different ‘domino pieces’.

“This year, it’s not getting flicked over by the person at the top. The domino pieces are getting shot down with a giant cannon,” he added.

Last week, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, revealed that his character is “willing to die” in order to defeat arch villain Negan once and for all.

Speaking ahead of the show’s return, Lincoln discussed his character’s frame of mind in the new episodes – with Rick set to lead his men into battle in a bid to defeat Negan and his followers.

“I think he’s ready for battle,” Lincoln said during a recent panel at New York Comic-Con. “I’ve always said that Rick is very much like a shark. He needs to keep moving, otherwise he dies. Giving him something to do with his grief and pain is essential. Kicking Negan’s ass is as good a reason as any.

“I think he’s very focused,” Lincoln went on. “You saw him in the beginning of the scene last season on his knees, but he’s a completely inverted Rick. He’s a man who’s willing to die. He’s free for all intents and purposes.

“This is the payoff for last season – certainly in Rick’s terms. The thing I love about the job after eight years and 100 episodes is that they keep pushing and pulling and hurting this man in new and unimaginable ways.

“This season, more than any other, I’ve been really nervous about certain scenes. To be nervous going to work after eight years is a testament to the writers really.”

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