The Walking Dead star ‘hated’ filming first half of S7

Lennie James, who plays Zen-like pacifist Morgan in hit zombie show The Walking Dead, has said he hated filming the first half of the show’s controversial seventh season.

James only appeared fleetingly in the first eight episodes of the show latest season, which kicked off in October and returns to our screens on February 13 in the UK.

Speaking to NME, James revealed that the narrative of the opening block of episodes made for a bad experience in terms of filming.

“[It was] horrible, just horrible – I swear to God, horrible,” he laughed. “But it was the same for everybody. Everyone’s had more time off this season than they’ve ever had, but it’s horrible.

“I hated it, and I complained about it – and I’m not a complainer – every day, like: ‘How you doing Lennie?’ I hate it! ‘You want tea or coffee?’ I hate it! It was horrible, because you just didn’t see anybody.

“And because we filmed The Kingdom in a completely different area to where they were filming Alexandria, the Hilltop, or the Saviours, it meant that no one was close to each other.

“When we starting filming the first episode, there was a moment where everybody sort of came together – and then everybody split up. I didn’t see Andy [Lincoln, who plays Rick] for six weeks because we weren’t filming in the same place.

“We live kind of close to each other [in Atlanta], but we weren’t either filming at the same places or at the same times, and in the end the only time I did see him was when we were both on a plane back to London to see our families. I hated it, it was horrible.”

The Walking Dead season 7 resumes in the UK on Monday, February 13 at 9pm on FOX.

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