The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan says Negan is ‘terrifying’

As if fans of The Walking Dead were not already terrified that new super-villain Negan has killed one of their favourite characters, actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie in the hit zombie series, has warned us we should be very afraid of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character.

“He’s so bad, he’s such a baddie,” Cohan told Digital Sky. “He’s honestly the worst! It’s only just beginning, really.

“We’re really lucky to have Jeffrey, because he’s a lovely person, so dynamic and really good actor. I think that you need someone who has that spark of lovability because it makes it so much more sinister.

“That final episode he wants people to understand his rationale. He has such a life, such an electric energy, and that is what makes this character so terrifying. It didn’t take long for Jeffrey to be part of the family!”

The sixth season of the US show ended in April and met with a fair amount of outcry from fans who, angered by the series cliffhanger ending, launched an online petition asking TV network AMC to reveal which character was killed by Negan. Talking about filming that final scene in which Negan appears to beat one of the survivor community to death , Cohen said it was “definitely the toughest to shoot so far”.

“[Maggie’s] obviously going through a lot of physical pain, and then there’s the challenge of not being able to stop what’s happening with Negan. You’re just completely impotent.

“Everyone’s in such a state and I look to my left and you see Rick who’s never been in that state. We see Andy [Lincoln] so broken, we’re all just reliving some horrible emotional memory or imagination!

“Sometimes it’s really stressful on the body, but it’s also so liberating. You go to a new level every time you go somewhere horrid on the show, as a person and an actor, that becomes a new base level. I like that, if you can find an upside!”

The Walking Dead is due to return on October 23 in the US, and the following day in the UK.

You can watch a trailer for the new season below.



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