Watch explosive new Doctor Who trailer

An explosive new trailer for the upcoming tenth series of Doctor Who has been shared online – and you can watch it right here.

The forthcoming series will be Scottish actor Peter Capaldi’s final as the Doctor, with his replacement still to be confirmed.

The new episodes will feature a new companion in Bill Potts (played by Pearl Mackie) along with the character Nardole – the role of which will be reprised by Matt Lucas.

The latest teaser shows the trio walking through a library amid explosions.

The trailer is narrated by Potts, who says: “The first time you meet him, he’s funny. The second time, he’s amazing. The third time you realise he’s the most dangerous man in the universe.

“He says he’s a man of peace, but he walks in war. I’m having the time of my life, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even if it kills me.”

Watch the new trailer below, courtesy of BT.

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