Watch new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

After going down a storm at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend, a brand new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG has been released.

The film, which opens in the UK on July 22, was very received by critics at its premiere.

Showcasing his new film at Cannes on Saturday (May 14), Spielberg spoke of his great love for the book and about the joy he gets from creating magical films:

“All of us have to believe in magic, because that magic will give us hope,” he said.

Mark Rylance, who scooped an Oscar and a BAFTA for his performance in Spielberg’s last film, Bridge Of Spies, takes on the iconic role of the Big Friendly Giant (BFG).

He stars opposite upcoming star Ruby Barnhill, who was cast as The BFG’s friend Sophie in 2014 when she was just 10 years old.

Cast as the bad giants are Bill Hader and Jemaine Clement as Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater. And Downton Abbey’s Penelope Wilton will also make a cameo as the Queen.

The film’s script based on Dahl’s much-loved children’s book of the same name and was penned by ET screenwriter Melissa Mathison before she died late last year.

Speaking to the New York Times about how he became involved in the BFG, Speilberg said, “[Kathy Kennedy] got the rights from the Dahl estate about nine, ten years ago. And she hired Melissa to write the screenplay.

“I read Melissa’s script and loved it. There was a lot of work to be done, but it was a wonderful first draft. I got involved in directing it because Melissa and I have been so close all these years; we raised our families together practically.

“And then it was just like old home week again, it was such a familiar feeling being in — you can’t call them story meetings, they’re like life jam sessions — and out of it sometimes comes an idea that Melissa will write down and it may or may not go into the script. They were very casual, very beautiful sessions. It’s hard being here without her.”

Watch the latest trailer below.