Wonder Woman breaks box office record

Wonder Woman has enjoyed record-breaking success in its first weekend at the box office.

The Gal Gadot-fronted superhero movie raked in $223 million (£172 million) globally, including a huge $100.5 million (£77.8 million) at the US box office.

Wonder Woman enjoyed the highest opening weekend ever in the US for a film made by a female director.

The previous US opening weekend record for a female-directed film was the $85 million (£66 million) taken by Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades Of Grey in 2015.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman‘s US audience was 52% female – unusually high for a superhero film, where audiences tend to be 60% male.

Gadot will also play Wonder Woman in this year’s Justice League movie, which hits cinemas on November 17.

Speaking about bringing the iconic comic book character to life in Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary year, Gadot said she was very popular in her native Israel where she was a household name along with Batman and Superman.

“Many times, it felt like we got signs from the universe,” the actress said about shooting the movie. “It felt like we were just a vessel for a greater story that we need to share with everyone.

“It isn’t about me as an actress or Patty as a director. It felt like, now is the time.”

Watch the ‘final’ Wonder Woman trailer in full below…


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